The services that we provide include:

  • Technology Development Program Support
  • Technology Integration, Prototyping, and Capability Demonstration
  • Ship Concept Studies/Feasibility Studies
  • Ship Systems Integration Design / Impact Analysis
  • Analysis of Alternatives Support
  • IT / Database Development and Maintenance
  • Acquisition Support
  • Power Systems
  • Railroad and Highway Technologies
  • Planning, design, development and integration of “Island” electrical power systems
  • Small-scale electrical and mechanical hardware prototyping
  • Test planning, reporting, and documentation

Fulcrum Corporation and Syntek Technologies equip R&D decision makers with focused, powerful insights on programs and technology. These areas of expertise include integrated electrical power and control systems designed for maritime applications; system level analytical tools to assess system capabilities, tradeoffs and investment strategies; program information assurance and program-specific IT applications.

We provide our customers with unique decision making perspectives not available elsewhere. We are not generalized support personnel; we see the value of our involvement in programs as an efficient and effective application of specialized engineering and programmatic expertise at times when such expertise has a positive impact on our customers’ success.