Syntek TechnologiesSyntek Technologies was established in 1994 as a “Management and Technical Professional Services Firm Supporting Maritime Defense Programs.” Corporate headquarters is located in Arlington, Virginia near customers like Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Office of Naval Research (ONR), and National Science Foundation (NSF).

Syntek Technologies became a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMT Group in 2002. Syntek Technologies became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fulcrum Companies in October 2014.

Syntek Technologies principals are exceptional leaders in their respective fields, many having Masters degrees and PhDs.  Most have extensive government experience in senior positions, are visionaries with luminous track records and are supported by an outstanding technical staff.  Syntek Technologies operations are managed in two principal area:

Power Systems

This area focuses on the application of advanced power and automation system concepts to the challenges facing next generation Navy and commercial platforms. Advanced power concepts include high voltage and high frequency generation, advanced AC, hybrid AC/DC and full DC distribution architectures, high power density propulsion motors (up to 50,000 HP) and the application of new power electronics developments to power conversion. Advanced automation concepts include mission based resource management approaches, component level intelligence, agent based architectures and reconfigurable communication systems.

Acquisition Support

This area provides decision support and program support to government customers, as well as assisting with technology transition from basic research through completion of engineering development. We provide special capability to advance the technology readiness level of certain technologies.


Our philosophy is simple: We apply advanced thinking, a broad knowledge base and uncommon foresight to every project we undertake, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all business decisions and actions.  We are technology focused, known for broad perspective and solid results and committed to excellence and innovation. We operate with honesty and integrity, function as a team with customers and base our success on customers satisfaction.

Summing Up

We provide advisory, analysis, M&S and technology development services, with power systems as a particular domain of expertise.

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