At Fulcrum, we work closely with clients to ensure that we understand their business goals and objectives so that we can provide practical ideas and solutions based on our technical skills and areas of specialization. Our technical skills and specializations are backed by our strong professional skills, which we use to keep clients informed and comfortable throughout the lifecycle of a project. Government agencies involved in defense, transportation, energy, education, data and statistics have engaged Fulcrum to support various programs and projects ranging from short-term studies to long-term, multi-year contracts.

Some of our present and past clients include:

ONR LogoOffice of Naval Research:

The Fulcrum companies have been providing technical services to the Office of Naval Research since 2002. Services include program development and tracking, financial management services, technology development oversight, analytic support and engineering. Technical areas include naval architecture, advanced naval power systems, alternative energy and fuels, materials, environmental quality, affordability and survivability and undersea weapons. Our support applies to surface ships, submarines, and naval weapon systems to improve warfighting capabilities.

DARPA LogoDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency:

The Fulcrum companies provide technical services the DARPA under a variety of contracts to develop concepts and technologies that break new ground. As a team member supporting the MTO and TTO, the Fulcrum companies provide services include a variety of engineering and administrative support services in support of DARPA current and future programs developing ground systems, maritime systems, air systems, and space systems, with cross-cutting themes of agile development, cooperative autonomy, unmanned systems, and power and propulsion. Past support includes such items as:

  • Development of power switching devices and power converters for the DARPA Wide Band Gap High Power Electronics Silicon Carbide Program.
  • Support for the DARPA Information Awareness Office, Littoral Naval Force Architecture Study and the Enhanced Naval Capability initiative.

NSWCNaval Surface Warfare Center:

The Fulcrum companies provide a variety of engineering and technical services to the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Examples of past services are listed here, but any of our technical capabilities are available.

  • Modeling and simulation, including Software In the Loop, Hardware In the Loop, total systems simulation and verification of actual system performance. We have and use systems such as MatLab©, Simulink©, VTB, ASSET and our own tool, PowerArchitectTM.
  • Computer Aided Design to provide the engineering basis for technical decisions and to support the development of government concepts and specification. Tools include AutoCAD© and SolidWorks©.
  • Hardware prototyping in support of government developments and delineation of specifications.
  • Assessment of ship impact, especially in terms of naval architecture and power systems, of alterations and upgrades being considered for naval ships. Of current interest is the interface to directed energy weapons systems and combat systems, for which we also developed initial requirements and interface control documents..
  • Support for naval program architecture development, testing philosophies and programs, naval ship electrical power systems design and analysis.


NAVSEA LogoNaval Sea Systems Command:

  • PEO Ships, PMS320, Electric Ships Office: Syntek supports PMS320 by helping to structure and manage technology development programs, reviewing technical documents, improving specifications, performing ship integration and technology characterization studies, coordinating among various NAVSEA program offices (so PMS320 could best serve their needs) and assisting in negotiating technology transition agreements for the products developed by PMS320. Particular accomplishments include:
    • We participated in the development of the US/ UK Programme Arrangement for collaborative R&D in the area of electric warships and will provide support as it continues.
    • Research and development activities associated with advanced power system management and analysis.
    • Technical support of the development of electric propulsion and electric plant machinery.
    • Evaluation of competitive technologies for system proof of concept demonstration.

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Logo

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory:

The Fulcrum companies provide engineering and technical support to the US Naval Research Laboratory in the area of hardware prototyping for power distribution systems. Our work helps NRL determine operating concepts, define interface and control schema and test in hardware the results of our simulations. Our work leads to production specifications for vendors to supply systems and equipment to the Navy.

US Coast GuardU.S. Coast Guard:

The Fulcrum companies have provided financial administration, engineering and technical support to the US Coast Guard. For the Surface Forces Logistics Center, we provided financial administration and contracts management support.

FRA logo Federal Railroad Administration

The Fulcrum companies has been providing engineering and human factors program support, program evaluation, program support, for the past 14 years for a variety of FRA offices.  Our personnel have been engaged in program demonstration, program evaluation and program management.  Fulcrum has been awarded over 25 tasks for the FRA under our exiting IDIQ contract. Fulcrum has been recognized by FRA with the 2003 Minority Business Enterprise Award and 2005 Women Business Enterprise Award for outstanding performance and for significant contribution to the Department of Transportation/Federal Railroad Administration.

FHWAFederal Highway Administration

The Fulcrum companies has provided support in projects for Bridge and Tunnel Security and Surveillance Technologies and additional support in Vehicle Detection and Warning Systems.